5 reasons to start eating apricots right now

Now is the time to buy juicy and sweet seasonal apricots – the age of their freshness is short, but they have a lot of benefits. Here are five surprising facts about the health benefits of apricots that should not be missed. 1. Apricots support the heart Apricot is the record holder for potassium content . The macronutrient potassium is … Read more

Does salt accelerate water boiling and other bubble myths?

Why will you cook pasta in the Himalayas forever? Is it true that it is better to boil cold water rather than hot? The  founder of the Food and Science telegram channel Vsevolod Ostakhnovich told us the whole truth about boiling . Sometimes something as simple as a pot of water can present unexpectedly many problems. Especially if you pour it on someone’s head … Read more

Which is healthier: hummus or guacamole?

Guacamole and hummus differ in taste, but they are similar in consistency and micronutrient content. They are creamy and contain unsaturated fat, fiber, and protein. The taste of one and the other base dishes can be changed by adding citrus zest, nuts and seeds, spices and herbs. You may be interested in the question of which dish is … Read more

Confectioner’s Day in Russia. What a holiday and how is it celebrated

Every spring, on May 3, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and other CIS countries celebrate the Confectioner’s Day . On this day, it is customary to honor professionals who skillfully prepare caramel, plant marshmallows and bake biscuit cakes. We will tell you where this tradition came from and how to celebrate the Pastry Chef’s Day deliciously. history of the holiday In the … Read more